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Jan 15

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Jul 12

Trying, trying, oh so trying to sell this house.

Is anyone looking for a house to buy in lovely Saco, Maine? It is close to the beach and conveniently located 15 minutes south of Portland.

If you are like anyone else, the answer is, “No.”

We are in the process of selling our house, which is beautiful, well, kept, in a great neighborhood, blah, blah, blah, but no one is buying. It’s not just our house … it is all houses in this area. Our Realtor says the market is flat. It is. But then how can we move?

The company is relocating to Florida, but affording two mortgages … let’s just not think about that. 

Just frustration speaking now … but if anyone is interested, our lovely home is for sale. It is great for families … and sitting here waiting for someone … anyone … to look at it.

Apr 07

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Getting a play chainsaw for my birthday. I think I was 4 … which is sad. It means the first years of my life were otherwise worthless.

Apr 06

Just trying it out!

Sorry to make you read this.